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n-Space is a highly successful independent developer, celebrating over 18 years of experience developing high-quality games for some of the biggest publishers - Activision, Disney Interactive, Nintendo - and entrusted with some of the biggest IP in the world - Call of Duty, James Bond, Star Wars, Toy Story, and TRON.

n-Space is the leading independent developer in North America on Nintendo Wii and DS. Since our inception we’ve shipped 36 titles on almost every available platform.

Looking ahead, n-Space is eager to take its talent to new levels and new platforms, starting with the Nintendo 3DS - an unassuming but surprisingly powerful piece of hardware with an amazing hook. On the next-gen horizon, we plan to apply our years of experience with motion analysis to the Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Move and the exciting possibilities they offer. Finally, our technology is making the leap onto the iOS as we continue to explore the world of iPhone and iPad gaming.

n-Space consists of roughly 60 employees in several flexible teams. Our technology is based around our proprietary “n-Gin” - a robust, multi-platform engine and full-featured toolset that allows for very rapid development in a variety of gameplay styles. Presently, we have focused our efforts on developing our technology in a way that allows us to retain and grow our distinct advantage creating exciting and unique experiences on handheld platforms.

Our studio is located in Orlando, FL, a short drive from SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Disney World, and the offices of EA Tiburon. We have excellent relations with local colleges and art schools, including the University of Central Florida, FIEA (Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy), Full Sail University, and Ringling School of Art and Design.

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