For 18 years now, n-Space has

dedicated itself to making great games.

During that time, we have created

original properties and worked with

some of the biggest licenses, made

games in almost every genre for kids

big and small, and partnered with every

major publisher.

Our staff of 60+ talented employees

takes great pride in everything they

do and is committed to the pursuit of

excellence in game development.

We are a scrappy, hard working, creative and tightly-knit group that wants, above all else, to make memorable games for our customers.


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Happy New Year for Heroes!

2013 is looking to be one of n-Space’s best and it starts with some great news for Heroes of Ruin. Over the holidays, PocketGamer released their list of best games of 2012 and listed Heroes as one of their 10 Best on the 3DS, calling it, “a full-fledged online co-op dungeon-crawler, which plays out just as well as many of your favourite PC RPGs.”

Thanks to PocketGamer and congrats to the team for his honor!

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